Electric motor to operate special arrangements

To operate special arrangements, the electric motor needs to give the manufacturer information to indicate whether it is possible or not work in special regime

In addition to standard systems, the electric motor can also be subjected to special schemes. To submit the electric motor brand Voges Motors to a standard regimen is essential to consult the company to find out if the electric motor can be operated in special schemes.

To verify that the electric motor can operate in standard systems, it is necessary that the manufacturer has all complete description of the cycle, where you will see include the periods of charge, at rest or empty, the power required to drive the load of the electric motor, more the torque of the load resistant.

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Still must be provided the moment of total inertia of the machine that will be triggered, the more the load resistant torque, plus the time where the total inertia of the machine that will be triggered and will be referred to the rated speed of the electric motor and more number of matches , reversals and more braking countercurrent.

Electric motor has series field coils with windings which are connected in series

The electric motor of direct current in series, the coils that make up this type of electric motor have coils that are connected in series directly to the rotor is induced. The coils are connected to a thicker conductor, thus it will be possible to support the circulating current.

As the electric motor VEBM3611T 3HP comes into operation due to its magnetic action, the torque is proportional to the inductor flow and also the current flowing through the armature. The start of the electric motor direct current series, has a strong start, and both the starting and the speed of adjustment can be made with the help of rheostat or electronic source intercalated in the circuit.

At startup or at start-up, the current value is high and the result is a magnetic flux and this will cause there is a high torque to the electric motor.

Temperature variation and humidity can cause the electric motor has a decreased resistance

Constant maintenance is to make an assessment and monitoring of the electric motor status and maintenance will be possible to predict failures that the electric motor can make.

The electric motor has an insulation which consists of passing the strength of the electrical current of a stator phase when compared to the other and also in relation to the windings.

The variation of temperature and humidity can cause the electric motor has decreased resistance and so it may be that there is any moisture indication in electric motor winding.


Low insulation of the electric motor tends to cause the aging of materials that are responsible for performing isolation and short-circuit between the phases which are the mass, also called substrate, and winding.

Electric motor Cleaning should be done in a controlled manner, regular and systematic

Cleaning is the first factor to be analyzed by any maintenance because cleaning causes the electric motor to function better and thus the life of the electric motor is prolonged.

When the electric motor is stopped, the cleaning can be done with the aid of a cloth lint-free, but that is soaked in a solvent, thus it will be possible to leave the free electric motor from dust, grease, oils and debris that may They are trapped in the housing.

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Inside electric motor, the electric motor should be cleaned with the aid of the vacuum cleaner and so can be carried out cleaning of the windings, the headwaters of coils and also the slots.

Cleaning the electric motor should be carried out in a controlled manner, periodic and systematic, as well the electric motor still have your normal income.